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It is time to focus on CBD, the second most abundant cannabinoid in hemp. In spite of being less known, the CBD could have an important effect for your well-being. Read on to discover all there is to know about this compound.

If you analyze the species Cannabis sativa, you will see a varied and rich collection of chemical compounds. Some we know them very well, as the mythical THC which produces rises, but it is also necessary to take into account another less known cannabinoid, the CBD. Why? Because it offers several characteristics that the THC does not possess.

What is CBD?

Both CBD and THC belong to a large family of compounds (about 113 in total) that interact in slightly different ways with the human body. And, although our knowledge is limited with respect to other cannabinoids, every time we know more on the second more abundant and protagonist of this article: the cannabidiol (CBD).

The CBD is a species of brother of the THC, but it does not share the psychoactive properties of this last one. In other words, it does not place. Instead, it influences our organism of many other forms, some of which could benefit our well-being. But these two compounds have something in common.

Is CBD derived from hemp or cannabis?

Although the answer is, technically, of both plants, the highest concentrations of CBD come from the hemp, a subspecies of Cannabis sativa very appreciated by the commercial sector. Thanks to the modern breeding, and to a touch of natural selection, the hemp presents a chemical structure rich in CBD and low in THC.

And, although hemp is the plant of choice when it comes to making consumer products such as oils, supplements and cosmetics with CBD, cannabis is not left out of the equation. You only have to choose a variety bred especially for its content of CBD.

In fact, it has been the search for CBD-rich strains by the cannabis industry that has triggered a kind of revolution, especially during the last twenty years. The varieties with a high content of CBD are becoming more and more usual, as a direct result of the action of some diligent breeders and the manipulation of strains with phenotypes with a great predominance of CBD.

Those who grow at home, will not have to worry about crossing different strains of hemp or take cuttings of mother plants rich in CBD, as the seed banks offer many options. For example, the selection of cannabis varieties with CBD of RQS, includes the Solomatic, the Purplematic and Joanne’s CBD, a variety rich in CBD and very little THC.

But, as we will see immediately, the creation of varieties rich in CBD is not as simple as it seems. With the cannabis, everything depends on genetics, which is what dictates how long it takes a plant to bloom, its resistance in the diseases, etc. These genetics also control the cannabinoids and terpenes of the plants.

The importance of genetics

During the first stages of the development of a plant, the proportion of cannabinoids is determined by the biosynthesis of the precursor cannabinoide CBGA with a group of enzymes. But it cannot be united with all and, depending on to which one the CBGA is united, the stock will be rich in CBD or in THC (or a mixture of both).

But, as we have already mentioned, the genetics exerts a strict control on the hemp plants; so, once nature has done the difficult work, similar varieties of CBD can be crossed, or a mother plant can be cloned, refining its concentration with each crossing.

Over the years, breeders have strived to perfect the process described above, selecting strains with the right phenotypes. Experimentation is still going on, but the number of cannabis strains with a predominance of CBD has increased considerably. This manipulation of various phenotypes is also used to alter the proportion of cannabinoids in cannabis, a subject we will see in more detail shortly.

But, to obtain CBD is only a part of the puzzle. To understand why this cannabinoid deserves your attention, you also need to know how it interacts with the body.

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Keith J. Barraza